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In a society where email is checked constantly, it’s not uncommon to find a few unwanted emails in the inbox. We’re not talking about an email from your mother-in-law, we’re talking about spam. Recently there has been a surge in the amount of spam that tries to get people to buy lifestyle medications like Viagra and Cialis.

A new study points out some alarming statistics. To sell $100 worth of Viagra, a spam provider needs to send 12.5 million messages. While it takes millions of emails to get so little profit, spammers say it’s worth it, after all computers are doing all the work.

It’s tough to track all spammers. According to computer scientists, getting rid of spam altogether is next to impossible. However, there are a few tricks to cut down on the number of unwanted emails that land in your inbox. Here are a few tips:

Watch out for default options and checkboxes.

When you sign up or register online for some services or products, you might be presented with check boxes that offer to send you email announcements or special offers. These options are usually pre-selected by default, so if you aren’t interested in receiving these kinds of notices, remember to uncheck them before you continue.

Open a separate email account.

Consider getting a “dummy” or “decoy” email account from a free email service (Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail are a few) to siphon off spam from your primary account. Use this “decoy” to sign up for mailing lists, shop online, or join social networking sites. This way, if the account gets too filled with spam, you can simply delete it.

Buy from a reputable company, like Betbubbles.com

Betbubbles.com has served more than 500,000 satisfied customers since 1998. Based in the U.S., the internet facilitator provides only FDA-approved, brand name medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra online. Our experienced team of contracted physicians and pharmacists are all state-licensed in the U.S. and ready to help each consumer.

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